1.  The major objective for conducting periodical tests and examinations  is not only to motivate all  students to read and learn their lessons thoroughly but also to  assess their level of  academic  attainment and excellence .Hence  there  will  be  tests and  examinations  at  regular intervals.

2.     The students of X and XII will be exposed to optimum levels of tests so  that they will get adequate practice in writing examinations without

     fear .There will also be periodical assignments and project work This year IX and XI may also be covered under this scheme.

3.     Some important information to Parents/Guardians  regarding the  timetable

     a)The time table for all tests and examinations are carefully planned by  the  examination  committee  comprising  teachers  &  Principal.

     b) All efforts will be taken to conduct the tests & examination as per  the plan/timetable.

       c) In case any test or examination is to be  cancelled  on a particular   day  due   to  unforeseen  reasons  that  particular  day’s  test   or   examination will be conducted  only  on the next working day after        the last day’s test or exam. And will not be adjusted in between.  Hence there need not be any confusion.

4.     X,XI and XII exam(both theory and /  or  practical) are  likely to be  confirmed as per  the   actual  timetable of   their  common/ board  exams. Once received from the Govt. department.

5.     All Parents/Guardians are requested to prepare their children well  for all the tests  and  examinations  without  availing  leave for any  reasons so that they may get ranks as well as promoted.

6.     The parents/Guardians will be intimated in advance through handbook or circular if there is any unavoidable change in the time table of any test or examination.


 1.    Parents/Guardians are requested not to bother their children too much to study always; instead they can take extra care in providing healthy food and creating excellent ambience at home with love and affection. 

 2.    Each house is guided by one lady teacher and a male teacher as House Mistress and House  Master, One Girls House         Captain & Vice Captain and One Boys House Captain & Vice Captain along with five girl volunteers and five boy volunteers are taking care of their respective houses. Every activity starting from the morning assembly is performed in a very healthy competitive spirit. Ultimately one house will be adjudged the Best House at the end of the academic year.

3.    Intramural games like volleyball , kho-kho , tennikoit  shuttlecocks , kabaddi are being conducted among the four houses so that the students can participate in the games with greater enthusiasm.

4.         Championship award will be awarded to one boy student and one girl student based on their score in the sports and  games and athletics , during the Sports Day Celebrations.


1.    Promotions of all students for all classes(except the Govt. /Board Exam facing students) will be decided at the end of the academicyear which will depend mainly on the policies of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu that are in force at that point of time .The school will make use of the privilege it enjoys as allowed by the Govt. policies.

2.    A council of teachers duly nominated and headed by the Principal will decide about the promotion at the end of annual examinations. The minimum requirement of percentage of attendance of the individual child will also be considered for promotion.

3.    The decision of the Principal will be final and no reconsideration will be entertained.

4.    A student who fails for two years succession  in  the  same class will be advised to  discontinue his/ her studies  in the school and any request for  promotion  and  compassionate grounds will not be entertained under any circumstances.

5.    Similarly if a child is failing in two years in succession in different classes may also be advised to leave the school .Since the child may be psychologically upset.

6.    Under no  circumstances any  fail  students  will be issued with a  transfer certificate indicating that the student has been promoted since it is illegal and unethical.